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Exfoliating Body Glove
Cheyenne Neris
Love it 💜

I never really exfoliated a lot but with this glove I’m actually looking forward to using it each week. It makes the skin really nice and soft, I definitely recommend it👍🏻

Exfoliating Body Glove
Tiffany Powell
Absolutely worth it!

I used to use a dry brush to exfoliate my skin, but this product is soooo much better! It’s easier to clean, easier to use, lasts longer, and leaves my skin feel even softer!


I fell in love with the exfoliating glove a year ago and its done wonders for my skin! The razor feels so luxurious and gives me such a smooth shave and zero irritation. I haven’t felt scrachty or gotten razor burns once since switching from regular 3 or 5 blade razors! I’ll add that my skin is very sensitive and usually gets very irritaded and scratchy. Love these products💖Thank you dewyhours!!

Part of My Daily Regimen

I got this product after seeing it in TikTok videos and on Pinterest for months. I struggle with constant dehydration and this have very dehydrated skin and need to exfoliate often, but my skin is also very sensitive so it’s been really hard for me to find something thought enough to rid me of all the dry, dead skin, but gentle enough not to burn sting or have some other bad reaction. I started using the exfoliating body glove and I’ll admit the first day I wasn’t exactly impressed, but I kept using it and every time I do I like it more and more. You don’t need to apply much pressure, and it isn’t painful nor does it require any harsh chemicals that bother your skin. I’ve been using it for about a month and it’s changed the feeling and appearance of my skin, leaving it smoother and brighter, but it’s also amped my shaving routine! I’ve been getting less “strawberries” and a better, closer shave since using my body glove, and I. Am. Loving it! I also love the way it was packed! Wrapped in a single sheet of beautiful turquoise tissue paper, with a little thank your card that someone had written my name on by hand.. it’s the tiny little personal touches like that, that mean a lot to me. I can’t wait to try some of their other products!


This really does work! I suffer from strawberry skin so the fact that this cleared a few of my bumps and made my skin soft is a shocker! I seriously recommend this product it does work!

Love these!

One of my biggest pet peeves is the feeling of water dripping down my arm or when your sleeves slip down your arms and get wet when washing your face. I never thought there would be a solution to this but these scrunchies are amazing. I originally bought the bundle because I thought it would just be a cute addition to my self care routine. But they actually make a huge difference when I clean my face, no more water all over my arms!! And the scrunchies and headband are SO soft. I want to buy them for all my friends so they can experience the difference!

Great product!

I’ve used my glove about five times now and I must say I’m impressed! I’ve struggled with KP on my arms for a couple of years now - and though the difference isn’t huge, I’ve definitely noticed that my arms are now much softer than before. I hope that if I keep using it, I’ll also be able to get rid of more of the red marks. I recommend!!!

Exfoliating Body Glove
Belén Bustos
First time exfoliating

I am very sensitive so I never tried any method, but this glove is so easy to use and gentle at the same time no at all like other loofahs or pumice stones, followed all the steps and felted the difference at the first use.

100% love these two products

This is third time I've purchased the body exfoliator & first time for the face exfoliator! Love them both & will be purchasing them again! Great products that leave your skin super smooth!


I bought one some time in 2021 and bought another one recently and they’re both great. I have severe eczema and although it does leave my skin red for a bit it doesn’t leave any marks or anything so it’s good on sensitive skin. Another thing is that it leaves my skin soft and i love it! anyway I recommend this product as it’s one of the few products that has worked in exfoliating for me.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Kelly Kanning
Noticed a difference after one use

I started noticing a difference after the first use! I have small bumps on my thighs and they are almost gone. My knee looks so much better and my bikini line is so much smoother. I love this product. Another bonus is by feet are always super soft now like I just got a pedicure!

I swear by this exfoliating scrub! Works wonders!

I was looking for a body scrub that isn’t abrasive on the skin and one that actually works. and this body glove works wonders! I ordered the body and facial glove set and Holy moly! Never knew I had so much dead skin cells, I loveee this product and super happy with my purchase I can’t wait to buy another set. I recommend this to all my friends!

Highly recommend

It a high quality and so good it exfoliate so good i really recommend it

Bought on a whim, can’t live without it anymore

I thought I was so silly when I saw this on instagram at first. A towel for your wrists? However I was won over bc I HATE washing my face in the morning precisely bc of the mess at the sink.

This is life changing. It’s great for preventing water from running down my arm. I’ve also started to put on my hair when it’s wet and it holds my hair in place so well!! It’s super absorbent and I just hang it to dry after I’m done. Highly recommend!

Scrubbed me hide good!

First time ever exfoliating. Worked well on this big ugly hairy man

Omg we love this!!!

Exfoliating Body Glove
Lauren Belter
Great exfoliation!

This is sooo satisfying to use, and I am seeing results fast. Follow all the instructions as the bath first is important, and don’t be worried if your skin doesn’t pill, it’s still getting great exfoliation! Definitely going to recommend this to my mom and friends

Exfoliating Body Glove
Sabrina Garneau
Super produit

J’adore mon gant!!! Il exfolie très bien et enlève toute les peaux mortes! J’étais un peu septique quand je l’ai acheté, mais ça fonctionne vraiment très bien!

Keratosis Pilaris

I was struggling with KP from years until I found this glove. I use it once a week and been using it since past 3 months and my KP is almost gone.

Love it

I finally ordered this and I’m glad I did. It’s very easy to use and does it’s job. I didn’t expect it to be this good tbh. I can’t believe it helped with my eczema and made my skin so soft and shiny. Definitely recommend.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Emily Schmalbach
Very effective product

First of all it gives you the smoothest skin ever
Second of all , how cute are the colours

I can definitely see/ feel results after every use! It’s very easy to wash also
It’s less soft than I thought it would be but I guess it relies on fraction to work so … but it doesn’t hurt on the skin while rubbing ! Would really recommend it if you are looking for a pretty peeling glove that can be used without any extra products

Exfoliating Body Glove
Kaitlyn Palma
Worth it!!

Thank you so much for such an amazing product!!! This picture is gross, but satisfying! I’ve never had another product work this well for my reptile skin 🦎😅 also, this is the first time I’ve noticeably peeled, and I think it’s because I shut the water off and waited a minute before rubbing this time! Even when I don’t visibly peel, it still helps diminish my KP bumps and makes my skin waay softer!! Have patience and really follow the instructions:)

Very pleased

At first I was hesitant to even try it. I’ve tried so many methods of exfoliating that haven’t yielded good results that I thought this was gonna be another one. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this exfoliating gloves actually work. And work exceptionally well. I’m definitely a believer

Amazing product

I am mostly satisfied by this product. I had tried lot of scrubbers and all but i have changed my decision after using exfoliating product. Totally recommending to everyone!!


I’ll be honest. At first I was hesitating to buy these products but now that I’ve tried them I am 110% satisfied. Be patient with the results. For me to see peeling of my dead skin, I had to soak in my tub with warm water for 20 minutes. Totally recommend!