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Exfoliating Body Glove
Natalia Amaro

It really has helped my skin a lot. It does a great job of exfoliating my skin. It feels really smooth

My skin is so smooth!!

I did not expect this to work so well, but all the dead skin rolled off my body and left me feeling soft! I already see smoother legs

Exfoliating body glove

I absolutely love this product! It's just like I see on social media and it makes my skin so smooth and soft! It makes it so easy to shave after a hot shower.

Amazing! ❤️

I'm so in love with both products I ordered. The razor feels really luxurious and did not irritate my skin at all. That being said, much caution is advised as it is incredibly sharp. Really easy to disassemble and clean up. The glove works wonders and left my skin feeling smooth and soft. It does shrink down in size once under water, but eventually goes back to its normal size when washed and dried up. I highly recommend both products and will be purchasing more!

exfoliating body glove

it works so well and it makes tour skin so smooth. Thank you so much!

Exfoliating Body Glove
katherine flores
Exfoliating glove

Love my exfoliating glove! makes my skin look soooo much better after, definitely recommend!! (love how they write ur name on the card, makes me feel special lol:)

Safe Dermaplaning Beginner- Friendly

I finally just got it through the mail and I love it so far. I would really recommend this for beginners and others. Especially if they are a little bit careless. I was a bit careless and made 2 mini cuts, which is surprising because usually, I would have a lot more cuts. But they heal very fast because I know what to do with them.

In the photo, it's not an actual picture of mine. It's like a screenshot of the one provided for us because I'm too lazy to show mine. If you look closely you can see that it has a comb-like blade on top of the knife which is really smart and really helpful because this actually prevents them from actually cutting into your skin usually aestheticians use a scalpel in order to get all the peach fuzz a.k.a. the Vellus hair removed. But if you're a man then this blade is not for you. I'm sorry but men's facial hair is basically terminal hair, a.k.a. permanent hair (please look up the definition I really don't want to explain it ) basically, it's not peach fuzz you guys have instead of thicker hair on your face, like the ones on your eyebrows, your hair and more. If you want to get your face derma plane, you can always go to the nearest barber some of these barbers do provide this service provide the service
of derma-planing, but if you want to do it at home you will need to use a barbers blade and upward strokes, no matter what. Since men have thicker facial skin(and maybe body hair as well)and facial hair than women.
However, if you're a woman that has thicker peach fuzz ordered the few that you have terminal hair say you can also use the barber blades but's it's very sharp, and do not recommend it if you're not a professional, or have not been taught her trained how to use it.

But if you're too careless, and cannot properly dispose of it, do not get scalpels, and barber blades because you can really make deep cuts into the skin. Also, remember that scalpels are used in medical surgeries, and barber blades are been trained and taught by professionals.

And there are even Derma-planing tools that do sell it without the protective blade on top of the blade. If you're not careful, you can really cut yourself and a lot of people have regrets for not doing the proper research. If you decide to get really cheap ones like let's say eyebrow razor notice hold the tooth of it is very wide and sharp because it will make you have micro cuts and you'll have mini micro scars.
But if you use acid exfoliants, not physical ones, then over time it will help with the hyperpigmentation and may help with some scar appearance but if you had like a huge deep scar, you need laser treatment.

I'm not saying this because I'm endorsed or anything but I actually feel like this is one of the best ones we have in the market. So far it like very convenient and beginner-friendly you can even take it out of the handle and use it to just shave or like shape your eyebrows a little bit if you want or that mini mustache you have. Do not at all mean derma-plane before putting on makeup because you're making your skin break out even more you're not letting your skin breeze a bit because remember this is also exfoliating. And if you look carefully at other companies you can see either a similar or differences. If the protection, blade is too wide, sharp, thin, weak, and thick (for example eyebrow razier ) you can have either many mini cuts on your face that of different lengths, deep cuts, or many other problems. Also, if your arguments are like oh I can find cheaper for a bunch of them think carefully you just need to keep the wand and you just need to replace the top in the long run. That's actually safer for you and more convenient for you because I know you don't have enough room to put all those bundles away. Also, those very cheap ones that come with bundles. They're not that safe and they can cut you really badly. I have an experience that I had dealt with that it's not worth it. There's even a derma plane that is being charged $75 right now for being a derma blade with a lightbulb. You still need to replace the blade by the way.
Honestly, buying this product is actually worth your money and if you don't buy it and you don't like it that's fine. I speak this with my personal and professional opinion it's really up to you if you want to take it or not.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Evelyn Ross-Moore
I LOVE IT!!!!!!

This is literally the best exfoliation glove you can get. Half of the other ones that I've gotten have damaged my skin so horribly! Thank you so much Dewey I always! I would highly recommend this! 🩷🩷🩷

Skeptical… But Completely Worth It

I was a little bit skeptical to buy the razor because I saw it on TikTok while researching about better ways to shave…and I am so glad that I did! The difference that a single blade razor has made is incredible. My skin is silky smooth for at least 3-4 days after shaving… with my regular 4 blade razor, I would have stubble the next day or sometimes later that same day. I also have dry and sensitive skin and thought I was using a razor that was supposed to target certain issues and boy was I wrong! This razor is a game changer. It takes a bit of getting used to, so I would suggest when you first try it, to really take your time and get used to the weight of the razor and gliding it on your skin. This has truly helped my skin so much and has made shaving an easy and less frequent activity for me and I am so excited to try more of Dewy Hours’ products!

Hassle-Free Bundle

I love this product! I use it everyday and it makes a difference in my morning and night routine. I cant imagine it without having them

Amazing 💓

In the beginning of 2022 i wanted to become more sustainable.First i switched my deodorant filled with toxic chemicals,then my plastic toothbrush,then my shampoo and the list goes on.So June 2023 almost everything in my bathroom was plastic free except for my razor. I used to buy those cheap three blade BIC razors and throw them away after six uses.Those plastic razors caused me to have really bumpy and irritated skin.The exsfoliating glove plus Dewy hours razors helped me to have really soft skin and eco friendly bathroom.Love your brand 🫶🏻


I use this once a week and it feels amazing after. Skin feels smooth and clean. Would highly recommend.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Caroline Riley
Would not recommend

The glove barely fit around my hand, it didn’t exfoliate ANY skin, and I didn't even receive a note with my package!!!

Smooth skin! Works like a charm!

I held out for so long before buying this but DON’T hesitate! It makes your skin so smooth and soft and your skin feels cleaner even after a few uses! Definitely a life saver.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Danusia Melita
The best exfoliation of my life LITERALLY

I ordered the exfoliating glove all the way from ROMANIA!…and it arrived a month ago (yes, writing the review ab it kinda late) and I’m telling u, I had the absolute 🙌best🙌 experience with it… my mom was kinda skeptic, that “u can get these for a few dollars from a shop” but I’ve seen the reviews myself and wanted to test it for myself.

Trust the process, exfoliated my WHOLE BODY (remember, it goes on damp skin, don’t add ANY shower gel) and my skin hasn’t been smoother… my mom ended up agreeing with me😂 and I’m planning on buying more products from u guys.. the results were EXACTLY the same as u have seen them so far, so I whole heartedly recommend this one.. 🤞

It’s really good

I honestly didn’t think it would work this well, but my skin feels so much softer now and the dead skin that came of my body was literally visible. I am really happy with the product and the costumer service is great.


the amount of dead skin that comes off is absolutely awful. but like in a good way. they also wrote my name on the card 😭 <3 makin me feel special smh


Works perfect! I’m happy with it. Totaly worth it! Makes me feel so much softer and cleaner.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Cheyenne Neris
Love it 💜

I never really exfoliated a lot but with this glove I’m actually looking forward to using it each week. It makes the skin really nice and soft, I definitely recommend it👍🏻

Exfoliating Body Glove
Tiffany Powell
Absolutely worth it!

I used to use a dry brush to exfoliate my skin, but this product is soooo much better! It’s easier to clean, easier to use, lasts longer, and leaves my skin feel even softer!


I fell in love with the exfoliating glove a year ago and its done wonders for my skin! The razor feels so luxurious and gives me such a smooth shave and zero irritation. I haven’t felt scrachty or gotten razor burns once since switching from regular 3 or 5 blade razors! I’ll add that my skin is very sensitive and usually gets very irritaded and scratchy. Love these products💖Thank you dewyhours!!

My favourite exfoliating product

This exfoliating glove is so good! Very simple and effective. Does not require any other product, just water. I tried another one from Amazon but it did not compare to this one. It really leaves your skin smoother and brighter without any scratches.
Highly recommend!

Part of My Daily Regimen

I got this product after seeing it in TikTok videos and on Pinterest for months. I struggle with constant dehydration and this have very dehydrated skin and need to exfoliate often, but my skin is also very sensitive so it’s been really hard for me to find something thought enough to rid me of all the dry, dead skin, but gentle enough not to burn sting or have some other bad reaction. I started using the exfoliating body glove and I’ll admit the first day I wasn’t exactly impressed, but I kept using it and every time I do I like it more and more. You don’t need to apply much pressure, and it isn’t painful nor does it require any harsh chemicals that bother your skin. I’ve been using it for about a month and it’s changed the feeling and appearance of my skin, leaving it smoother and brighter, but it’s also amped my shaving routine! I’ve been getting less “strawberries” and a better, closer shave since using my body glove, and I. Am. Loving it! I also love the way it was packed! Wrapped in a single sheet of beautiful turquoise tissue paper, with a little thank your card that someone had written my name on by hand.. it’s the tiny little personal touches like that, that mean a lot to me. I can’t wait to try some of their other products!


This really does work! I suffer from strawberry skin so the fact that this cleared a few of my bumps and made my skin soft is a shocker! I seriously recommend this product it does work!

Love these!

One of my biggest pet peeves is the feeling of water dripping down my arm or when your sleeves slip down your arms and get wet when washing your face. I never thought there would be a solution to this but these scrunchies are amazing. I originally bought the bundle because I thought it would just be a cute addition to my self care routine. But they actually make a huge difference when I clean my face, no more water all over my arms!! And the scrunchies and headband are SO soft. I want to buy them for all my friends so they can experience the difference!