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10/10 Love it <3

At first, I was a bit scared of cutting myself because I had never used single blade razors before. But the razor is quite heavy, so it is easy to shave without pressing hard and actually cutting myself. The exfoliating glove works well too, removing dead skin quite easily. I also love the small and cute envelopes for the blade refills. The shaving butter smells nice and makes shaving smooth with just a small amount. I've only used it a few times so far, but i can already see some small improvements on my strawberry legs. Overall, I am very happy with my order and will definitely order again. ♡(>ᴗ•)

Exfoliating Body Glove
sara ongaretto

It took a bit to arrive since we live in Italy, but it was worth waiting! Excellent product! It really leaves the skin soft!

MY SEMI-BROWN-GIRL HAIR STRUGGLES ARE OVER (and yours could be too!!!)

While I might only be half Indian, I am just Indian enough to have ungodly amounts of hair. For reference, a two-bladed disposable razor could get halfway up my leg before it was full, and required two or three sweeps of the same area to get everything, resulting in an arduous 45-minute process, lots of wasted water, dry skin, copious razor burn, and at least two nicks. Sound familiar?
This razor got through THREE SEPARATE SWEEPS before filling, which is something no other razor has thus far achieved (and believe me I've tried everything). Once I was done, instead of having stuff stuck to the razor, I was able to take apart the razor, disinfect it with peroxide (I cut myself, skill issue TvT), and dry it thoroughly so the blade didn't rust. This razor blade will thus survive longer and cleaner than any other product, which saves you money on replacement blades. It feels pretty good to stick it to the man as someone who has never been kept in mind by any of their products. DOWN WITH CAPITALIST BIG SAFETY RAZOR.
There is something to be said for the aforementioned skill issue. If you're used to pressing the razor to get it to cut, for the love of God don't do that lmao. Read or watch the instructions; this razor is pretty aggressive (which is a virtue! that allowed it to get through my hair), so watch out for your skin. Don't do what I did, which is not read the instructions, or you will be injured.

Smells Nice

I'm not really into skin care or anything like that but as a simple person its just nice to smell nice lol

The closest shave I ever had

My skin stays smooth for longer than disposable razors did. Totally worth it. I recommend them to people in person because they always ask me how does my skin look so good. Literally, I have never had a closer shave.

Dermaplaning razor and replacement blades

I love the dewy hours dermaplaning razor it makes my face so smooth and it is easy to use. The dewy hours is better then store bought dermaplaning razors because it doesn't scratch your face up. It is also convenient because the case is built in which I personally love because I always lost my razor caps.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Sophie Mueller
Amazing product!!!

It works just as described and my skin is so nice and soft:))) I’ve always struggled with really dry skin so this works really well. 10/10!

The Close Shave Bundle
Camberley Strong
Love it!

I am very satisfied with my purchase! It is very easy to shave with once you get the hang of it and I don’t have strawberry legs anymore because of the exfoliation!

The Close Shave Bundle
Nada Al Hamadani
I love it !

My Close Shave Razor and exfoliating glove has arrived today and I was so excited for them so I used them both right away. They both worked really well. I love the quality and the color. Also I got extra double edged blades with the razor I did not expect that but it was nice! Using the razor was super easy and quick and my arm definitely feels smooth after the shave. I definitely will buy new things again !


It gave me silky smooth legs and I didn't get nicked at all. I thought that I was gonna have strawberry legs after my first time using it. I was very wrong. This is my favorite razor now. I did get cut when cleaning it because I didn't realize how sharp it was and remember to use a shave butter or cream before shaving.

Nourishing Body Oil
Namira Collins

I purchased from Dewy Hours just recently and was sold from their YouTube Shorts. The body oil I got was the Boba tea-scented one and it smells so amazing. The minute it hits my skin I smell like a dessert and I love that even a day after the scent still lingers. It's very moisturizing especially on damp skin after a shower to lock in the moisture. I use it after every shower and especially after a shave. I will definitely be repurchasing more in the future Love Dewy Hours!!


I suffer from eczema and I noticed that it left dark patches all over my skin. After purchasing the exfoliation glove I immediately noticed a difference in my skin. My body was less dry, irritated and less dark. I also noticed my stretch marks fading. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Saved my skin so much. Much appreciated. Will continue to support your small business. Much love Naimah

It's great, I love it.

Ever since I've used this glove, my skin feels smoother and it gets rid of a lit of dead skin. A great addition to a person's shower routine. Especially when you use a nice smelling body wash. The face one works very nice, I use it every other week to ensure I don't over exfoliate !

Blade Refills
Heidi Cortzen
blade refills

it shaves great


This product is so good it works so well and makes your skin feel so fresh.

The Divine Dew Bundle
Yaritza Pacheco

I decided to give these a try and they did not disappoint. The facial oil feels amazing on the skin and it makes shaving my face so much easier. It’s very convenient and these will now be my go to! Thank you guys!

The Close Shave Bundle
Josephina Zambrano
Exfoliating glove and razor

I loved both of them. Since the razor is a one blade razor it is much sharper so make sure ur doing long vertical shaves. I definitely saw a difference after using the glove and got much smother legs and the razor definitely let’s u only shave once a week but I like to shave twice. I definitely recommend this product and I love that the blade refills are very cheap but amazing quality. Also be sure not to store ur razor in the shower and just press down with a towel after shaving to dry it off a little bit. The first time exfoliating I saw rolls of skin, but I did it twice a week and u do not get the same outcome so be sure to not over exfoliate.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Rebecca Knelsen
In love!

So I've been using this glove for a little over a year and a half and I can't go without it! Before I found this glove I always wondered why my skin felt itchy when I showered. Almost like I wasn't clean enough. I'd notice that if my arm was moist and I rubbed it causing friction, I'd see dead skin/stubborn dirt come off. My skin was lighter after doing this. Also i have very dry flaky skin especially winter time. But I didn't know exfoliating gloves existed and that I needed to exfoliate dead skin so I didn't know what to do. But one day I saw an Instagram add promoting the dewy hours glove. I saw the video of how it got off dead skin, exactly what I needed! So of course I decided to purchase it and I was very impressed with the amount of dead skin came off! I started off using it twice and week and gradually went to using it once a week. My skin finally stopped itching so much and I felt really clean! I've been using it ever since! They say to replace it every 6 months which I think is too much because I used one glove for a year and a half before replacing and it worked perfectly fine for that whole year. I should've replaced it after a year but didn't get around to it. I finally replaced it and will continue to use it for my lifetime.

Good shaver

It's nicer to have a reusable shaver than all those single-use cheap ones. It is very sharp so you do need to shave at an angle and not press to hard or you definitely will cut yourself. It does still give you strawberry legs if you don't exfoliate or use enough soap though.

Great beginner product

Great beginner dermaplane blade for a pretty good price. Can be a little scratchy to use so you do need to use a bit of water/facial oils/gels instead of just dry.

Exfoliating Body Glove
Tuva Sofie Sommervad
Love it!

I was sceptical at first, but I was pleasantly suprised. I works very well and my skin has never felt this soft and bealthy before. So much dead skin came of. I love it!😊


This mask is so soft and comfortable! I love the ability to adjust the size so that it stays on and is comfortable. The cooling/heating pad is perfect, even better that it is removable!!

The Hassle-Free Bundle
Shamila Hashim

These scrunchies and headband are necessary if your hair constantly comes in your face and blocks your view. Especially if you have bangs, you know it’s a struggle lol.

Nourishing Body Oil
Hannah Clarke

It makes my skin so soft are i after i shave and no strawberry legss ... AHHHHH IT PERFECT

Blade Refills
Imandra Alberto
oddly satisfying

i honestly find that cleaning and changing the blades is one of my favorite parts of having the dewy hours razor, but honestly nothing compares to shaving with a new blade, i usually use them for 6 shaves beacause that’s the recommended amount but they always stay sharp, and it has a very good price, i love this